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ACT to Brother HotKey Address Label Printing

The Act HotKey Label Printing program enables on-demand printing of address labels for individual contacts from Act! using a "Hot Key" and the Brother P-Touch software. From Act!, users can easily send a single address label to the label printer, or all address labels for the current act lookup.

Instructions and Notes:


[Ctrl][F12] Print a single label for the currently displayed Act Contact

[Ctrl][Alt][F12] Cycle through and print multiple labels from the current lookup

[Ctrl][Shift][F11] Unload the HotKey Program

Important: The brother label printer must be online and loaded with the correct labels.

The Act! Software should also be loaded and the desired contact's details being displayed. The Brother P-Touch software will be started automatically if not already running.

Printing multiple labels with [Ctrl][Alt][F12] will start on the currently displayed contact, and then cycle through each contact, printing the address label until the last contact of the lookup.

Note: The label printing process will not start until the hotkeys are released.

Note: The printing of labels is not a background process - so other applications can not be actively used while printing labels. In the current version, labels are printed at a rate of about one per second, so 100 labels would take about two full minutes. If you accidentally start or it becomes necessary to abort the printout of a large lookup, you can press [Ctrl][F12] to force the program back into single label mode, or [Ctrl][Shift][F11] to unload the program altogether. (this will disable the hotkeys until the computer is restarted). It may be necessary to hold down the [Ctrl] key for more than one second until the label printing process pauses to recognize the other keys.

Certain "focus stealing apps", such as anti-virus warning pop-ups, can potentially interrupt and interfere with the label printing. Also, certain other "hotkey" apps including certain Intel apps bundled with Intel brand video display adapters, may attempt to use the same hot-key combinations and will need to be disabled.

In order to accommodate printing a contact before it is "saved", the program may not be able to print the last contact in a lookup in single label a single label ([Ctrl][F12]) mode. Using the multi-label hotkey, [Ctrl][Alt][F12] on the last contact in a lookup may function as a workaround in this case.

As the current version of the program has not been tested under an "out of labels" condition, attempting to print a lookup exceeding the number of labels in the printer is not recommended.

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