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The BW SQL Launcher

Save time navigating and viewing SQL object definitions with the BW SQL Object definition launcher.

Open SQL Objects by name with the click of the mouse and the press of a key.

The BW SQL Launcher effectively restores the missing "view definition" functionality to SQL Server Management Studio, and does much more.

Works from any application (not just SSMS). Simply double click or select the object name from any application and hit your configured function key and display the object in SQL Server Management Studio or your default object editor instantly.

Object windows are automatically meaningfully named with the object name for clear identification and easy navigation between open SSMS windows.

Displays code for stored procedures, views, functions, triggers, and synonyms.

History of opened objects is saved automatically and can be reviewed anytime.

Intelligent navigation - also launch urls and local files and paths with the same highlight and click ease. Hyperlink ease without defining and within apps (like SSMS) that don't support hyperlinks.

Intelligent code identification and execution - highlight and launch code to execute separately in a new SSMS window.

Cross-database and cross-server support.

What a timesaver! I hardly ever use the object explorer anymore - now I just click on the name and hit a key and the object definition is open in its own window, ready to edit.

Whether it's a stored procedure call in my SSMS current window, or a view name referenced in an email from a colleague, or a function name in a list of objects returned from a query, I just click it, hit it, and I'm viewing it.

The BW SQL Launcher makes it a pleasure to view and navigate multiple nested objects!

Now I can keep my urls and file references in the comments of my SQL and launch them directly from the page any time I need to - very convenient!

By automatically saving a timestamped copy of each object each time I open it, it's like an automatic version control system, without all the fuss.

I don't know why SSMS doesn't have a "view definition" feature - but this is even better.

The BW SQL Launcher works with SSMS, Toad, Queryman/SQL Assistant, and Visual Studio. The hot-key instant launch functionality works from virtually any application including SSMS, Outlook, Word, Excel, Visual Studio, Communicator, Visio, NotePad, WordPad, and virutally any application where text can be displayed and selected.

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